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Start your journey towards understanding the Quran and Islamic Sciences.

Study the Sacred Sciences

Study the Islamic Sciences under the guidance of expert scholars. Learn Arabic Grammar, Tajweed, Arabic Literature, Tafseer, Hadith, Jurisprudence, Islamic History, and more. 

In-Depth Study

Study Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Arabic in depth with the Tahawi bespoke curriculum. ​


Benefit from teachers who are experts in their respective fields, holding Ijazah from senior scholars in the UK and abroad.​


Complete 6 years of rigorous study under the direction of certified scholars.


2 years Foundation

Begin your Islamic Studies journey with the Arabic Light Programme. Explore Classical Arabic, grammar, etymology, and Hadith studies. Ideal for those eager to study Arabic without the intensity of the Arabic Intensive.

1 year Intensive

The Arabic Intensive is essential for those wanting to go onto to study the Alimiyyah Programme at Tahawi Institute.  Students will study topics such as Grammar, Etymology, Literature, Hadith and Stories of the Prophet.

5 years Alimiyyah

An in-depth study of the Islamic Sciences including Aqeedah, Classical Arabic Language & Literature, Tajweed, Qira’at,  Quran Translation, Hadith, Usul al-Hadtih, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh and more. 

The Arabic Light Programme offers a comprehensive yet accessible pathway for students seeking to develop a solid foundation in Classical Arabic without the intensity of a full-scale intensive program. Designed over a span of two years, students explore linguistic intricacies essential for understanding the Quran and other classical texts, including grammar, etymology, and literature.

Students who successfully complete the Arabic Light Programme will be eligible to advance to the Tahawi Alimiyyah Programme, building upon their foundational knowledge and linguistic skills to pursue further studies in Islamic scholarship.

This 1 year Arabic Intensive is designed to prepare students on their journey towards understanding the Quran. Students study Classical Arabic including: Arabic Grammar, Etymology, Arabic Literature, Stories of the Prophets and Hadith Studies. With dedicated instruction, students develop a solid linguistic foundation, preparing them to navigate the complexities of Islamic texts with confidence and clarity.

Upon successful completion of the Arabic Intensive, graduates are primed to progress to the esteemed Tahawi Alimiyyah Programme.

The flagship Tahawi Alimiyyah Programme offers a comprehensive exploration of Islamic Sciences, spanning Arabic Grammar, Literature, Tajweed, Tafseer Al-Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Law (Fiqh), Islamic History, Usul, and more.

Courses are offered in a traditional environment with students spending approximately fifteen hours per week receiving direct instruction from certified scholars. The course prepares students to become upright citizens with the aptitude to become Imams, school teachers, administrators of Islamic Institutions, academic researchers and writers.  Upon graduation, students may also choose to pursue specialised studies in Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and other sciences.


Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 35 ratings)

I was recommended by a friend who had already joined. There is a very good distribution of subjects and good teaching. I’m glad I joined.

Yusuf Naeem

Alhamdulillah, I am currently in the 2nd year of the Alimiyyah programme and it has been the best decision I have ever made. As soon as I joined I was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students into the energetic environment. I don’t regret any second of it. The teachers are exceptional and have a passion for teaching and passing on their knowledge. As well as teaching the syllabus, they also give the students reminders and advice, as well as mould the students to become the scholars of tomorrow. The various different books studied in order to enhance our knowledge are beautiful, and the books that once seemed impossible are now a part of my life and daily routine. Without a doubt, I would recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for learning about Islam.

Ridwan Hussain-Ali

I am very satisfied with the part-time Alimiyyah course, I am learning new things every day. The teachers are very nice and helpful they help you whenever you need the support.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, If you wish to learn the Islamic sciences in an established holistic manner, Tahawi Institute is the place to do this. The Tahawi Institute provides a friendly environment of learning, healthy competition/motivation through your association of amazing classmates and the high expectations of very talented teachers.

The teachers are absolutely dedicated and committed to your successful understanding and application of the materials taught. They are very helpful, friendly and kind. The teachers make themselves available and respond to emails quickly. It is a pleasure sitting down with them and benefiting from their knowledge/experience.

I have studied Arabic and other Islamic sciences elsewhere however, after studying at the Tahawi Institute I found its methods to be more efficient and the approach it employs has led me to progress at a faster rate. For instance, having spent three weeks studying at the Tahawi Institute, I feel as though I have not comprehended as much Arabic in three months whilst studying in other platforms.

As a teacher working full time, having a family of my own along with other commitments, I was worried if I would be able to dedicate the time required to be successful in the programme. However, through dedication and some sacrifice, I am able to do all of it without difficulty. I would recommend this institute to those who are serious about learning the Deen.

Anhar Khan

A completely life changing course and environment, no regrets joining!

Diyan Matin

The course is going really well, Alhamdulillah. The teachers are great, and so is the class environment. The best choice I made and I would highly recommend it to others.

Mohibur Rahman

The experience I have received from this course is second to none. The teachers provide a very friendly assistance and explain even the most difficult topics in a very understandably straightforward manner. Although I had previous Islamic education, within weeks, I had recalled everything I had previously learnt. Credit is due to all the teachers within this institution for providing such a friendly & professional teaching service. I have never experienced such a polite and well-mannered approach in teaching who are always there to help. I would highly recommend Tahawi Institute Alim course to anybody out there in search for a broader knowledge of Islam.

Mohammad Redwanur Rahman

Alhamdulillah I have really enjoyed my first year, can’t wait to start the second year. I had already studied some Arabic before and this course has already helped me improve further. One of the best things about Tahawi Institute is the pressure to engage in Islamic extra curricular activities like memorising hadith, Quran and reading books.


So far this course has been very benefitting for me educationally and also personally as it has helped my widen my knowledge and also helping me in my personal life motivating me to become a better Muslim.

Azhar Ali

Alhamdulillah, the course is going very well. The teachers are not only good at teaching, but provide lots of support and advice on how to grow as people, and become better Muslims. The classes are very educational, and this is matched with a very friendly atmosphere, which allows for everyone to feel comfortable enough to better themselves. May Allah continue to grow the institution. Ameen

Aadil Sulaiman

Alhamdulillah, the course is meticulously structured by highly qualified teachers who are specialist in their respective fields. The Tahawi curriculum offers a vast range of Arabic disciplines in the first year which includes fluent speaking, advanced grammar and morphology; all to make one competent in the Arabic language.


This madarasa is good alhamdulilla. Easy to interact with classmates and teachers.

Mohammed Yunus Uddin

As an external student coming from far away I am really pleased with the course. The teachers at the madrasah are very kind and alhamdulillah their knowledge has benefitted me so much. This one of the best courses I have done and inshallah hope to progress more.

Maahir Ali

The course is very beneficial and enjoyable. The teachers are very friendly, helpful and approachable. They really want us to do well and care for our education and future.


The course is very fun! It’s fast paced but the work is easy enough (to a certain degree) that as long as you don’t miss too much, you’ll be fine. The teachers are all very friendly, whilst still having some humour as well as actually being good teachers. The books we learn are relatively fun and engaging.

Mahfujur Rahman
Subhan’Allah, out of all the choices I’ve made, this is definitely the best and just the start of my journey
Naseem Khan

The structure and pedagogy of this course is second to none. Alhamdulilah I can honestly say I’ve already learnt more in the past few weeks than I’ve learnt in the past few years elsewhere. Furthermore, the biggest thing I’m gaining from studying here is the love for the teachers and my fellow classmates that are motivating me to be better and aspire for lofty aspirations.


Tahawi Institute is an amazing place in terms of gaining ilm. They have amazing ustadhs which work accordingly to help the students in their work and other queries which they may have. Alongside the amazing ustadhs which can help you, there are classmates which can also help you with work as, like you, will have the same goal and work together to attain it; creating a welcoming environment.


Subhanallah, this course has changed my life. It has taught me the true meaning of discipline. The teachers are so kind, helpful and genuinely want to help guide you towards spiritual excellence. Moreover, the teachers provide lots of support and advice on how to mature as young Muslims. This institution is unrivaled in every shape and form. The teaching is broken down to a molecular level so it is easy for every student to digest the information. The environment is so loving, caring, friendly, and I would recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to learn about Islam.

Fahmid Rahman

The teachers are good 👍

Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed

Alhamdulillah, I am very satisfied. The teachers are very interactive and explain the content very well.

Mohammed Jubaer Uddin

Great Madressah and the course is very educational.

Adil Ahmed

I am absolutely blown away by the Alim course at Tahawi Institute. I am so grateful for this, Alhamdulillah. Not only do the teachers make it easy to understand, but they themselves are magnificent in their akhlaaq and adab. Also, the Institute is local, so you don’t have to travel far to learn this sacred knowledge of deen. The teachers are really passionate to pass down their Ilm to the students and care about them like they are their own brothers. The environment is outstanding, it cannot get any better.

Mohammed Ishaq Rahman

Wonderful course – both personally and professionally. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply inshallah.

Abdul Samad

The course is very useful Alhamdulillah, and the teachers are very well at articulating themselves whilst teaching. Their teaching style is also very good and makes it easy for the students to learn the content.


I’m glad I joined this course, very good teachers and very resourceful. Students are very diverse, many come from the teaching profession. Perfect for full time workers.


I am incredibly grateful for joining this institute. The dedicated and knowledgeable teachers at the institute create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. I have confidence and love for learning under their guidance. The emphasis on character development and moral values has had a profound impact on me.

Overall, Tahawi Institute has exceeded my expectations in terms of education, Islamic values, and the overall experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this institute to anyone seeking a high-quality Islamic education within a supportive and inclusive environment.

Mohammad Redwanur Rahman

I am very satisfied with this course as I have already learnt so much compared to the start of the year. The course has not only helped me in my Arabic knowledge but also helped me learn life lessons and how to be a better person.

Habib Ullah

We learn at a good pace which everyone can keep up with, regardless of their other duties. Alhamdulillah we have good teachers and a learning environment, at hours which people can put into their timetable.


The course is well structured with teachers that are hand picked, ready to help with any issues that students may face while studying the Islamic sciences.

Ehsan Ahmed

The lessons are good, informative, and genuinely useful. The books taught complement studies well, and the syllabus as a whole is well thought out.

Ahmed Mabrur Burhan Khan

As a beginner and a university student, this part time course fits perfectly around my daily schedule and is taught in a very simple but comprehensive way to understand the Arabic language.


Alhamdulillah, I have learnt a lot within a very short time whilst studying at Tahawi Institute. One of the biggest advantages to studying here is that tarbiyyah (personal development and upbringing) has a very strong presence within this institution and the teachers are highly qualified and very supportive.

Mohammed Naim Ahmed

A very comprehensive programme designed to bring the best out of students wanting to learn Arabic. A wide range of subjects are taught and facilitated through Tahawi Institute. The teachers are friendly, passionate and committed and they always go the extra mile to support students learning.

Abdul Hannan

The teachers are extremely passionate, supportive and accommodating. The course is well structured with good books, classwork as well as homework. Course is enjoyable and you gain a lot from it. May Allah accept and reward all those involved in setting up and running the course. Ameen.

Muddassir Ahmed